AFDS Fashion Ambassador – Ha Linh Thu

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INTRODUCING ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase #new#fashionambassador VietnamLinhThu Ha – HA LINH THU.

– Designer Profile –

An icon of sophistication and graceful style, Ha Linh Thu is a fashion designer, known for a unique sense of dressing and style.

Brought up in a traditional family of three generations working in the art fields, Ha Linh Thu has been influenced by a kaleidoscope of Asian culture at a young age. This has propelled her great passion for the study of Asian cultures and combining this with her love for fashion.

Ha Linh Thu graduated with a Bachelor in graphic design from the Industrial Art Design Institute in 1999 and went on to work at Labor Newspaper. There, she was in charge of graphics and technical drawings and has been awarded the “Best cover of the Year” by Vietnam Journalism Committee yearly from 1999 to 2006.

In 2006, Ha Linh Thu started HALINHTHU with the focus on the elegance of Asian women. Ha Linh Thu’s philosophy is that the charm of women are hidden in the elegant cuts and the soft shine of garments. With the principal material of silk, Ha Linh Thu’s contemporary and elegant designs have become very popular as they go beyond the conventional perception of traditional material used in traditional costumes.

For her achievements in fashion designing, Herrera received many awards, such as the “Best Costume” prize at Shanghai International Modern Olympic 2002, “Person of the year” by Wallpaper magazine (Vietnamese edition), Runner up at “International Young Fashion Entrepreneur Award” held by British Council 2008.

Ha Linh Thu is considered as a woman with an amazing personal style, design sense and good attitude.

Ha Linh Thu is an esteem member and fashion ambassador of the ASEAN Fashion Designer Showcase representing Vietnam.

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