AFDS Fashion Ambassador – Pui Souphaphone


INTRODUCING ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase #new#fashionambassador Laos, Pui Sengsoudeth – Pui design by PS.

Designer Profile

Born on 9th February 1991, Pui Souphaphone is a Lao fashion designer based in Vientiane. She was always interested in fashion and as much as Pui loves wearing fashion, she likes designing too. 
She is among the list of Lao women who has a fondness for Lao’s glamorous traditional style of dressing.

In 2012, Pui decided to explore the world of fashion design by enrolling herself at BangkokFA, to develop her technical fashion knowledge and skill to pursue her interest.

The designer’s official start in the field of fashion is a seamless transformation of a passionate hobby to a triumphant career.

Pui’s designs are a great example of girly, magical and innovative creativity. She makes frothy and fantasy filled creations that often surprise viewers. It is no doubt takes guts to produce and display works in fashion that revolve around concepts than just beauty. Her elegant designs are worn by many Lao celebrities and pageant title holders.

Pui Souphaphone is considered as a woman with an amazing personal style, design sense and good attitude.

Pui Souphaphone is an esteem member and fashion ambassador of the ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase representing Laos.


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