AFDS Fashion Ambassador – Catherine Wong

catherine wong copyINTRODUCING ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase #new#fashionambassador Sarikei, Malaysia – Catherine LK Wong – Catherine’s Design.

Designer Profile

Unique + Exclusive + Fashionable ~ that’s the lifestyle that Catherine has lived with since she was a little kampung girl in a little town named Sarikei in Sarawak. At the age of 9 unlike other girls, her toys were traditional sewing machine, needles, yarn and fabrics scraps. It seemed like fashion has been in her blood from the day she was born, and it became more obvious to her and family when she started to sew and draw endless fashionable clothes.

After graduating from high school, Catherine hid her passion, and committed herself to a 9-year secretarial job in an established timber firm. Who would have known that the 9 years of work did not stop her from believing in her dream but instead became her steppingstone in resurrecting her passion in fashion design!

With enough hard-earned saving, Catherine decided to trade in her secretarial skills for one of the threads and needle, to pursue her dream. In 2000, she packed her bags and went to study Fashion Design in Kuala Lumpur. Upon graduation, she had the chance to expand her fashion knowledge further by participating in the Image & Colour Analysis courses with Colour Me Beautiful, an established image consultant and personal stylist academy.

Within a year Catherine proudly established her own atelier, Catherine’s Design in October 2001. And this lady again surprised her family and friends with her bold decision to return to her little hometown to expand her line. She was queried by many with one expected question: WHY?

“THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL” – That’s Catherine. That is the ultimate reason.

For her, fashion designing is not only a rewarding business bit most importantly it is her passion.

She’s truly a Sarawakian who is keen in modernising the traditional BATIK & PUA-KUMBU, which so happens to be her two favorite most-used local fabrics. This not only helps in boosting and churning the local economy, it also promotes the beautiful fabrics of Sarawak and making the local Sarawakian looking great with that special local favor.

Up till now, Catherine is the preferred Image Designer of many local celebrities and is also actively involved as a Beauty Pageant judge for Miss Cheongsam Borneo Cultural Festival and Miss Chinese Chamber of Commerce Sarawak, among many others.

Catherine is an esteem member and fashion ambassador of the ASEAN Fashion Designer Showcase representing Malaysia.

catherine wong copy-vert-horz

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