INTRODUCING ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase #AFDS #new #fashionambassadors, Eyvon Koh & Terry Yeo – Curvaceous Gowns Singapore | Singapore.


Curvaceous Gowns Singapore is Singapore’s first and only Plus Sized Gown Speciality Boutique.
Fronted by owner Eyvon Koh, as she has a keen eye for making plus size ladies look stunning and radiant on their special day. The philosophy at Curvaceous Gowns Singapore is that one should all have equal chances of looking gorgeous on your special day no matter what size you are.

Terry Yeo, a fashion designer of 20 years gown experience was introduced by a mutual friend to Evyon in 2017. In 2018, Eyvon and Terry collaborated and started designing and making customised gowns for brides. Terry also started designing mini capsule collections for Curvaceous Gowns Singapore.

Over the years of partnership, they have come to learn that designing collaboratively means to make something that transcends the sum of its creators. A collaborative design process can be challenging at times—especially at the beginning. But getting out of their own heads and incorporating collaboration into their design process is worth the effort because it improves their work. Especially if they are collaborating not just with other designers, but with people who add different perspectives and lived experience that enriches their work.

Eyvon Koh and Terry Yeo are esteem members and fashion ambassadors of the ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase representing Singapore.

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