AFDS Fashion Ambassador – YUNITA KOSASIH | Indonesia

INTRODUCING ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase #AFDS#new#fashionambassador, Yunita Kosasih – Yunita Kosasih | Indonesia.


Born in Surabaya, June 2nd,1977, Yunita Kosasih started her fashion journey from ARVA School Of Fashion in 2001. It all began from fashion competitions to another… igniting her passion to fashion to become stronger.

After graduating from ARVA, she opened her brand YUNITA KOSASIH. Words spreads from mouth to mouth makes her brand growing. Private orders were her main core of her business and it evolved to premium ready to wear as there was a demand for her pieces by her clientele.

Her collections have always been a bit different and innovative. Yunita likes to use handmade detailing by local craftsmen. Her love for Indonesian traditional fabric and together with innovative fabric manipulation technics are part of her signature.

Yunita is a member of Indonesian Fashion Chamber in Surabaya, where she holds the responsibility as the local chairwoman.

Yunita is now an esteem member and fashion ambassador of the ASEAN Fashion Designer Showcase representing Indonesia.

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