“Shuhong Guantianxia” International Hanfu Design Competition

“Shuhong Guantianxia” International Hanfu Design Competition


I. Competition Overview

The theme of the “Shuhong Guantianxia”International Hanfu Design Competition is “Integration of traditional Chinese Hanfu culture and modern fashion”. At present, we are collecting excellent original works with innovative thinking and aesthetic creativity of the times from home and abroad universities, clothing brand enterprises, clothing designers and Hanfu lovers. Let’s renovate the Hanfu classics with creativity, showcase the charm of the day with design, and contribute to enhancing Hanfu cultural radiation in national and even global.

This competition will attract global excellent design talents, gather multiple professional investment institutions, jointly build a communication platform and cooperation bridge for Hanfu enterprises, professional colleges, cultural and creative institutions and entrepreneurial talents, and convey creative design and high-quality talents to China’s Hanfu industry and Hanfu culture.

The competition lasts for 3 months and it is expected to be officially launched in September. During this period, preliminary competition, semi-final competition and selection publicity will be conducted, and the final will be held in December.

II. Eligibility

(I) Participants: Individual designers, teams or brand companies can participate. If you are a working person participating independently, you must declare your participation status (as a company or as an individual).

(II) Declaration of original works: the contestants must promise that the entries are original, and do not dispute over the ownership of intellectual property rights or infringement of other people’s intellectual property rights. If the relevant disputes disputes arising from therefrom are resolved by the contestants themselves, the Organizing Committee will not assume any legal responsibility for them; In order to ensure that the contestants have complete intellectual property rights, the Organizing Committee will provide the contestants with intellectual property registration services for their works, and the corresponding expenses shall be borne by [the Organizing Committee].

(Ⅲ) Production ability: The Organizing Committee will provide a material subsidy for each shortlist entries, and the shortlisted must complete the physical production during the physical transformation.

(IV) Entry requirements: The competition has no restrictions on experience, occupation, ethnicity or nationality, and application fee is free; If you are a person who loves the party and the country, loves Chinese traditional culture, and actively safeguards national unity, you can sign up to participate.

III. Prizes setting


Gold Prize,1 person with RMB 15,000;

Silver Prize,1 person with RMB 15,000;

Bronze Prize,1 person with RMB 5,000 ;

The Organizing Committee will designate the partner designated to purchase the copyright of the entries of the above three awards. The contestants have fully understood and agreed to this. The specific purchase method and price will be negotiated by both parties at that time;

Top Ten Clothing Designers ,10 people with RMB 3,000 for each.

(II) International fashion show through train

The award winning designers will be invited to participate in the 365SHOW™ Hanfu exhibition held in Macao, China, and go to the international stage through the competition.

(Ⅲ)Value transformation of creativity

1. The Organizing Committee designates the partner to purchase the copyright of some award-winning works and process, produce and sell them;

2. Specially invite apparel enterprises to negotiate and cooperate with award-winning designers on site;

3. The Organizing Committee invited many investment institutions to participate in the competition, and selected excellent designers and entrepreneurs for investment incubation.

IV. Solicit contributions

This competition is open to related majors’ teachers and students from colleges and universities at home and abroad, professional costume designers and Hanfu lovers. The preliminary assessment will select 30 works as the shortlisted; in the finals, innovative design works of Hanfu will be selected, and on-site performances and awards will be given.

V. Competition Timetable

(I) Solicit contributions: September 6, 2022 to October 28, 2022


(II) Initial evaluation: October 28, 2022 to October 31, 2022

(III) Shortlist works public announcement:November 1, 2022

(IV) Physical transformation: November 1, 2022 to November 31, 2022 (After being shortlisted, you need to make and submit 3 sets physical works)

(V) Grand final and award ceremony:December 2022

(VI) Exhibition of excellent works: Late December 2022

VI. Work requirements

(I) The design works conform to the theme of the competition, reflect the integration of traditional Chinese Hanfu culture and modern fashion, highlight the connotation of national traditional culture, integrate into the aesthetic taste of contemporary fashion, and realize that creativity and practicality complement each other.

(II) Each group should submit 3 sets of physical works, including at least 1 set of children’s clothing, and the other 2sets are not limited.

(III) The entries must be your own original design works that have not been published publicly, and the relevant accessories must be fully equipped by you.

VII. Entry Guide

(I) Application

The contestants use Wechat to scan the QR codes and fill in relevant information and completes the application.

(II) Works Submission

1. Letter of commitment: Please download, print out and fill in the letter, scan and convert to PDF file, file download address: https://kdocs.cn/l/ccIybcGskiCh – Chinese, https://v4.rabbitpre.com/m2/FyoTIZEQogx – English

2. Design sketch (computer drawing or hand drawing) : size: 27cm×40cm, and mark the name of the work on the upper left of the Design sketch; and with your works name written on the left top.

3. Style sketch: including the structure diagram or process production diagram of each garment, design theme description and design concept.

4. Creative explains: (1) Design concept; (2) Description of clothing fabric; (3) Process description; (4) Highlight description.

5. A scanned copy of personal ID card (front and back)

Compress the above files and send it to the official email: sggtx2022@163.COM

VIII. Instruction

(I) All the information provided to the Organizing Committee should be true and effective by the contestants (including personal information), and If they provide false materials, they will be disqualified from the competition.

(II) The entries are required to be original designs and unpublished works and should not infringe on the intellectual property rights of others. Any violation will be publicized to the public through the media and disqualified.

(Ⅲ) The contestants shall submit 1 set of costume design draft of the entry, and carefully fill in the application form and the creative description of the entry.

(IV) The list of finalists and Design sketches, as well as the list and works of winners will be publicized on the designated network platform of the competition.

(V) The finalists must attend rehearsals, finals, awards and related promotional activities according to the schedule of the Organizing Committee.

(VI) All Design sketches for the competition will not be returned. Please keep your own copy.

(VII) The copyright of the entries belongs to the contestants; The Organizing Committee has the right to use the competition and the works in the promotion, product placement, performance and organizing activities related to the competition, such as using the photos of the competition works or the video of the competition to publish, broadcast, display and other activities, and does not need to pay any additional copyright fees.

(Ⅷ) The Organizing Committee will provide a material subsidy of RMB 5,000 for each of the finalists, and a travel subsidy of RMB 1,600 (Sichuan Province and Chongqing is RMB 600).

(Ⅸ) If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us.

Registration Service:19982087691 Mr. Peng

Area Service:17316078801 Mr. Ta(Wechat same number)

LINK: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/Np5-S_lejWTt3TV8lquAtg

The Organizing Committee of the “Shuhong Guantianxia”International Hanfu Design Competition

August 17, 2022


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