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Lin Hui

  • LIN HUI is the Design Director of the LiangZuang brand. She is chief promoter and avid supporter of Gambiered Canton Gauze (GCG).
  • LIN HUI hails from Macau and was educated in Guangzhou. She also did study programmes in Paris, France and is now based in Shunde Lunjiao, the supply origin of GCG.
  • Her passion for GCG has spanned 20 years since the day she discovered the simple yet elegant fabric. Since then, she resolved to dedicate her life to create modern fashion pieces with an oriental touch using GCG fabric.
  • When the Hereditary Board saw her cutting-edge GCG designer pieces, she was tasked to lead the LiangZuang team in the Silk Route Artistic Fund Show 2019 to exhibit their creations overseas.
  • In 2019, LIN HUI and her team won the Silk International Fashion Week Award for New Work, for their modern take on the fabric.
  • Following that, they were invited to be part of an entourage of the National Artistic Fund delegation and travelled to Mongolia, Russia, Italy, and various countries to spearhead China’s hereditary culture.
  • LIN HUI is an esteem member of the ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase representing China.

Yang Chun Lin aka Gu A Xin

  • Yang Chun Lin, famously known as Gu A Xin is a China entrepreneur, and fashion designer who was born on 15th March 1989.
  • This award-winning designer is a native of Miao Village in south eastern Guizhou Province.
  • Gu A Xin – the name given by his father, has both a Miao and Chinese meaning to it – “Gu A Xin” means “hope” in Miao and in Chinese accent means Gu A Xin directly.
  • A Xin’s father registered the “Gu-A- Xin” clothing company, in hope that “Miao” elements of clothing to be passed on to the new generation of young people. Unfortunately, due to his father’s illness, the company did not start operation after starting the company.
  • During A Xin first year in college, he always tried to find things that he could create and sell, he and his friends set up a street stall selling Miao Village crafts and launched the Gu-A-Xin brand, featuring Miao village special products, silver jewellery, handicrafts, and some upcycled ready-made garments incorporated with Miao village traditional elements. Unhappy with these ready-made garments, it sparked off the artistic and creative side of A Xin, propelling him to design his own garments and gradually transforming the street brand into a well-known and popular local brand.
  • A Xin is not a design major. He graduated from Xi’an University with a major in journalism, and because of the natural acumen of journalism, it made it easier for him to edge out the difference between Gu-A-Xin and other China clothing brands.
  • His forte is Miao embroidery – exaggerated, bold, and abstract. It is full of imagination of the mysterious world of dragon and phoenix, traditional auspiciousness, fishes, deer, longevity and wealth, auspicious beasts, blessing peace, butterflies, and children just to name a few. He hopes that this will make more people to aware of the beauty of Miao embroidery, and this also enables Miao women with the skills to be able to pick up the embroidery needle again to create a livelihood for their families.
  • In 2008, Gu A Xin won the Silver Award of Guizhou Intangible Cultural Heritage. In 2009, Gu A Ain won the “Colourful Guizhou” Skilled Craftsman Gold Award. In 2011, Gu A Xin developed the men’s cotton and linen embroidery series and won the National Embroidery Award Silver Award. In 2012, Gu A Xin won the top 20 of Shaanxi Innovation Competition.
  • In 2013, Gu A Xin was invited to Dragon TV’s “Dream Cube Program” and in 2014, opened stores in Xi’an Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Beijing Qianmen, Shanghai Tianzifang and many other places. In 2015, he participated in the financial channel “Dream Next Stop” and won the Dream Fund Card, which was well received by entrepreneurs.
  • Gu-A-Xin style is one that most people can connect with, not only it is classy, but traditional too. It is funky and chic. Many celebrities and people love his designs.
  • Gu A Xin is an esteem member of the ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase representing China.

Alo Lo

Alo Lo is an award-winning fashion designer from Macau. He developed an interest in apparel design from a young age and remembers his mother working at the sewing machine in his room. Alo used to listen to that sound of the machine while falling asleep and till today, it still evokes a feeling of joy within him.

In addition to fashion design work, Alo also does hair styling and styling work. He has created many hair and image designs for major fashion shows and hair shows around the world and has many celebrities and is the celebrity’s queen hair stylist in Macau.

Alo realized that hairstyling is not a dominant element as compared to fashion design. He studied a diploma in fashion at Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Centre (CPTTM). After graduation, he decided to forge his path in fashion design so he could tell his own personal story. And Alo has been doing just that for the past 10 years now.

In 2013, Alo and his classmate founded AURALO ARTE and since their first spring/summer 2014 collection, AURALO ARTE has staged shows across Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the rest of Asia. The brand is endorsed and worn by local celebrities, was nominated as the most valuable brand of 2016 (Macao) at the Fashion Asia Awards, and was the designated clothing brand of Miss International Macau 2016-2018. Targeting young women aged 25 to 40, AURALO ARTE offers romantic and feminine items.

In 2020, Alo Lo started his own brand – SARA LOLO. The brand SARA LOLO is named after ALo’s mother, who evokes ideals of a princess and happiness for him.

Femininity is the key word for SARA LOLO, which is expressed through a mix of Eastern and Western elements using a variety of sewing techniques to create a very feminine beauty. The inspiration for the brand designs is based on Macau, adding different Chinese and Western elements such as Western imperial styles, and Chinese embroidery.

Always focusing on fashion, art and culture can create a lot of inspiration for him. At the same time, he can also use fashion to express modern classic stories and bring more positive messages to everyone. Alo has always considered himself as being culturally affluent. It is his passion to dress people and to explore creativity. He does not fall back in experimenting and taking risks as an artist.

Alo has won many awards – In 2016, he won the annual fashion brand award at the Fashion Asia Macao Awards. 2019, he won the IEQBA Quality Brand Selection Award for International Potential Brand Award and the Beauty Master International Beauty Award for being influential beauty brand award.  At the SIM Performing Arts Festival 2020, he won the Best Model and Fashion Award and the INSTITUTO CULTURAL de MACAO Fashion Design Subsidy Program from 2015 – 2020, for outstanding fashion design works.

Alo Lo is an esteem member and fashion ambassador of the ASEAN Fashion Designer Showcase representing China.

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