AFDS Fashion Ambassador – Li Zhen


INTRODUCING ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase #new#fashionambassador China, Li Zhen – The ZRSH

Designer Profile –

Li Zhen was born in Changting, Fujian province on September 19, 1983. He graduated from Shanghai Donghua University majoring in fashion design engineering. Since 2006, he has been the chief designer and artistic director of various women’s wear brands in China.

In 2008, He established the Outline for women’s wear and became the first woman’s wear brand advocating structural aesthetics in China.

From 2006 to 2009, he successively served as the chief designer and artistic director of various women’s clothing brands in China and cooperated with PENNYBLACK JUSTCAVALLI and other famous brands in the world. He has been rated as the most valuable womenswear designer and merchandiser by many media in Shenzhen.

2009-2010 is the year he founded Outline. With a legion of market operation, Outline has successfully penetrated into China’s major business circles and won many outstanding achievements, attracting much attention from the fashion industry. In view of the success of cotton and linen cutting design aesthetic, Li Zhen has become to be known as the “cotton and linen cutting master.” He has been invited to Hu’nan satellite TV, dragon TV and other media for interviews on his works.

In 2016, Li Zhen Shenzhen design studio was established. Li Zhen presented Outline’s AW “silver free” series at China International Fashion Week 2016 and won the top ten China designers award.

In 2017 Li Zhen presented Outline’s AW “mom’s vegetable garden” series and SS “Touch happiness” series.

In 2018, the ZRSH was born in Shenzhen and the ZRSH first series for SS2019 was released in Xiamen, inspirations from exploring the world with the soul and changing the life state of all women with creativity.

Li Zhen is never just a designer. He is thinking about the world, like a nutrient and will always be nourishing every corner of the fashion industry soil.

Li Zhen is an esteem pioneer member and fashion ambassador of the ASEAN Fashion Designer Showcase representing China.


AFDS Fashion Ambassador – Ho Tran Da Thao

HO TRAN DA THAO-vert-horz

INTRODUCING ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase #new#fashionambassador Vietnam, Ho Tran Da Thao – Tsafari by HO TRAN DA THAO.

Designer Profile

A talented and enthusiastic woman, Ho Tran Da Thao is an Vietnamese businesswoman and fashion designer who has won many awards for the designs she produced. She comes from Gia Lai, the second-largest province in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, and she moved to Saigon to complete her education. She has worked in Itochu Corp and other well-known Vietnamese fashion companies to solidify her credentials.


Thao, as she is affectionately known, graduated from Douglas Mawson Institute of Technology (TAFE SA) and her journey into fashion started with winning the Mercedes-­‐Benz Asia Fashion Award 2004, representing Vietnam. She started her own fashion label – TSAFARI, in 2005.

In the year 2008, she received the International Young Fashion Entrepreneur Award from The British Council, and was awarded the VGAC Australian Alumni Award for Media, Culture and Arts 2014. Thao has also been featured in Businesswoman Vietnam magazine in 2015 and as the Harper’s Bazaar “Power Woman” in its Vietnam edition in 2017.

Thao’s style of fashion is described as feminine – very vibrant and expressive. Moreover, her fashion lines have been known for versatility and comfort. Her inspirations come from her love for nature, travel, culture, music and art. All this is well reflected in her collections – a unique and meaningful identity for the woman of today. Thao’s bold hues, graphical prints and exclusive detailing are her brand’s signature.

Thao aims to preserve Vietnamese hand-made techniques and traditional culture by ensuring a sustainable work for women artisans and seamstresses as she continues to expand her creative vision, soaking in creative influences from across the world.

Ho Tran Da Thao is an esteemed member and fashion ambassador of the ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase representing Vietnam.

AFDS Fashion Ambassador – Dave Ocampo


INTRODUCING ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase #new#fashionambassador Philippines, Dave Ocampo – Dave Ocampo – Fashion Designer.

Designer Profile

Known for his evening and elegant creations, the designs he creates are worn by clients belonging to high-profile backgrounds. Dave Ocampo introduced his eponymous brand Dave Ocampo – Fashion Designer, and showed his collection for the first time during the 2011 Philippine Fashion Week. The range flaunted in the show included swimwear, womenswear and menswear.

Dave is recognized for boldly using colors, luxurious fabrics and defining outfits with stylish and clean lines. He has also shown his craftsmanship in special showcases that highlights his love and passion for Philippine creative arts. Among these shows are Metamorphosis of the Butterfly Sleeves (showcase of the Filipiniana), DENR-Environmental Summit – Eco Fashion Show (upcycled and recycled fashion), Biyaya ng Manobo Fashion Show (indigenous fabric turned in luxe wear creations), Tintura de Malabon (formal wear with the use of the Filipino art of dyeing) and Las Trajes de Boda en Las Casas (Filipino wedding showcase, specifically Mindanaoan weddings).

Currently, he is the Vice-President for External Affairs of the Designers Circle Philippines and is actively involved in many projects for its members, to foster partnership with both private and government organizations. Propelling an era of standing out and bringing new things to the fashion platform.

Dave is an esteem member and fashion ambassador of the ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase representing Philippines.

AFDS Fashion Ambassador – Pui Souphaphone


INTRODUCING ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase #new#fashionambassador Laos, Pui Sengsoudeth – Pui design by PS.

Designer Profile

Born on 9th February 1991, Pui Souphaphone is a Lao fashion designer based in Vientiane. She was always interested in fashion and as much as Pui loves wearing fashion, she likes designing too. 
She is among the list of Lao women who has a fondness for Lao’s glamorous traditional style of dressing.

In 2012, Pui decided to explore the world of fashion design by enrolling herself at BangkokFA, to develop her technical fashion knowledge and skill to pursue her interest.

The designer’s official start in the field of fashion is a seamless transformation of a passionate hobby to a triumphant career.

Pui’s designs are a great example of girly, magical and innovative creativity. She makes frothy and fantasy filled creations that often surprise viewers. It is no doubt takes guts to produce and display works in fashion that revolve around concepts than just beauty. Her elegant designs are worn by many Lao celebrities and pageant title holders.

Pui Souphaphone is considered as a woman with an amazing personal style, design sense and good attitude.

Pui Souphaphone is an esteem member and fashion ambassador of the ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase representing Laos.

AFDS Fashion Ambassador – Fadzil Hadin


INTRODUCING ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase #new #fashionambassador Brunei, Fadzil Hadin – CHANTIQUE BRUNEI.

Designer Profile

Dubai based fashion designer, Fadzil Hadin was born in Brunei and was introduced to fashion at a very young age. His mother’s clothing atelier, CHANTIQUE, had a great influence on Fadzil’s life and that’s what made him pursue a career in fashion design.

The year 2017 witnessed Fadzil Hadin taking over as creative director and fashion designer from his mother. He then introduced the label to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

In July 2018, CHANTIQUE received the prestigious ‘Modest Fashion Award‘ by The Islamic Fashion and Design Council in Torino , Italy and also during the same year showcased the first ever modest fashion show called ‘ Modest Soirée” at Milan Fashion Week 2018.

CHANTIQUE comes from the Malay word ‘cantik” meaning beautiful from the Sultanate Kingdom of Brunei Darussalam.

Magical twist of fashion between Asia meeting Middle East to give you unique individual pieces drawn from Malay, Chinese and other ethnics heritage. Rich modern designs with embellishments, embroidery and beadworks.

CHANTIQUE always creates a feminine, romantic, stylish and captivating styles.

Fadzil Hadin is an esteem pioneer member and fashion ambassador of the ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase representing Brunei Darussalam.

Signing ceremony of the MoU between Huo’erguosi Mojie Culture Media Co. Ltd. and ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase, 10th December 2018, Xi’an China.


27505247Signing of MoU - Presidents, Huo’erguosi Mojie Culture Media Co. Ltd., Mr Wang HaoTian and ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase, Mr Hayden Ng.

In December 2018, ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase agreed to explore ways of cooperation with Huo’erguosi Mojie Culture Media Co. Ltd. entrusting that both parties actions aimed at approaching this goal. This resulted in an invitation to AFDS to take part in a regular cooperation and, following the decisions adopted in this regard by the Governing Boards of both organisations, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was recently signed by the Presidents of Huo’erguosi Mojie Culture Media Co. Ltd., Mr Wang HaoTian and ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase, Mr Hayden Ng.

The signing ceremony of the MoU between Huo’erguosi Mojie Culture Media Co. Ltd. and ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase took place on the 10th December 2018 in Xi’an China.


With the signing of this MoU,  Huo’erguosi Mojie Culture Media Co. Ltd. and AFDS will launch a regular, wide-ranging cooperation between them for the mutual benefit of their respective members in Asian and in China and, more broadly, for the benefit of the fashion community. To promote the better and faster development of the fashion industry among Asian countries, promote the cultural exchange activities related to models in Asian countries, establish the status of Asian models in the International market and promote closer cultural exchanges among Asian countries.


ARise Lombok!Charity Project

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The journey of Miss World – Singapore 2018 in collaboration with ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase and LT PRO (OFFICIAL) on the ARise Lombok! Charity Project, September 2018.



ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase FINALE of DAY 2 at Ciputra World Surabaya, #cwfw2018.
Featuring #fashionambassadors
Zin Myat Myat Win– MYANMAR
Hannie & Neera – INDONESIA
Pitnapat Yotinratanachai – THAILAND
Pimsiri Nakswasdi – THAILAND
Sylvia Lim & Jennifer – SINGAPORE
Micheal Ooi – MALAYSIA
Dibya Hody – INDONESIA
● Hair + Makeup – LT PRO (OFFICIAL)
● Hair #regional #creativedirector – Dylan Chan
● Makeup #regional #creativedirector – Tinoq Goh
● Video + pics #regional #mediadirector – Clifford Yap – #Cliffy



ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase DAY 1 at Ciputra World Surabaya, #cwfw2018.

Featuring #fashionambassadors –
● Min Thu Ryein – MYANMAR
● Yod Yoko – THAILAND
● LinhThu Ha – VIETNAM
● Jian Lasala – PHILIPPINES
● Natacha Van – CAMBODIA
● Melvin Shah – MALAYSIA
● Hayden Ng – SINGAPORE
● Lenny Agustin – INDONESIA

● Hair + Makeup – LT PRO (OFFICIAL)
● Hair #regional #creativedirector – Dylan Chan
● Makeup #regional #creativedirector – Tinoq Goh
● Video + pics #regional #mediadirector – Clifford Yap – #Cliffy

●● This was Melvin Shah last show with #AFDS at #CWFW2018


LT Pro presents AFDS at CWFW2018


LT PRO (OFFICIAL) presents ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase in Surabaya, Indonesia, at Ciputra World Surabaya on 21st – 23rd September 2018.

AFDS #fashionambassador – Micheal Ooi


CONGRATULATIONS TO ASEAN FASHION DESIGNERS SHOWCASE #fashionambassador, Malaysia – Micheal Ooi on receiving – The Most Promising Designer of BFW2018 Award at the recent Borneo Fashion Week 2018 and getting the prize of a full scholarship of Bachelor of Arts(Hons) in Fashion Design by LimKokWing University in Kuala Lumpur.

Picture – #afds #mediadirector – Mr Clifford Yap #Cliffy


AFDS Fashion Shoot in Kuala Lumpur!

anigif big

A collaboration project with AFDS Hotel Partner – The Hulo Hotel + Gallery​.
● Hair and make up by Orson Liyu​
● Shoes and bags by Fion Poon​ – FION POON​
● Photography by Calvin Wong​● Props & Background Setup by Cupcat Images​
● Location – The Hulo Hotel + Gallery
● Models – ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase #modelambassadors – Lingling​ , Por​ and Elizabeth​.
● Designers – Hayden Ng​ – HAYDEN BOUTIQUE​. Natacha Van​ – Natacha Van Collection​, Melvin Shah​ – Atelier Prive By Melson​, Micheal Ooi​ – MOfactory​ and Pitnapat Yotinratanachai​ – Pitnapat​.


AFDS collaborates with Miss World Malaysia 2018


ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase #fashionambassadorsHayden Ng – HAYDEN BOUTIQUE,Singapore, Natacha Van – Natacha Van Collection, Cambodia, Pitnapat Yotinratanachai – Pitnapat, Thailand, Melvin Shah– Atelier Prive By Melson and Micheal Ooi – MOfactory, Malaysia dressed the finalists of Miss World – Malaysia on Coronation Night, 8th Sept 2018.

Photos by #afds #regional #mediadirector Mr Clifford Yap – #Cliffy.


AFDS at BORNEO Fashion Week 2018


ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase just completed a showing from 7th – 9th Sept at Borneo Fashion Week 2018!

Here are the works of Hayden Ng, Natacha Van, Melvin Shah, Pitnapat Yotinratanachai and Micheal Ooi.

Videos by #afds #regionalpartner #mediadirector – Mr Clifford Yap – #Cliffy

LT Pro presents AFDS – CWFW2018


● AFDS IN Surabaya, Indonesia 


LT PRO (OFFICIAL) presents ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase in Surabaya, Indonesia, at Ciputra World Surabaya on 21st – 23rd September 2018.


● Dibya Hody – INTERIM Clothing
● Hannie Hananto + Neera Alatas – #HANNEERA
● Lenny Agustin – Lenny Agustin

● Sylvia Lim + Jennifer Neo – #TRIOLOGIEThe Emporium Group
● Terry Yeo – The InSane Studio

● Sirus Tantiyapong aka Yod Yoko – Yodyoko Shop
● Pimsiri Ploen Nakswasdi – The Parrot Bangkok
● Pitnapat Yotinratanachai – Pitnapat

● Melvin Shah – Atelier Prive By Melson
● Micheal Ooi – MOfactory

● Min Thu Ryein – @Minthuryein Mode et Design
● Zin Myat Myat Win – #ZIN

● Natacha Van – Natacha Van Collection

● Jian Lasala – LASALA

● LinhThu Ha – HA LINH THU

● Billy Si Amphan – #BILLY 


● Lingling
● Elizabeth
● JENNIE aka Tonkham
● Por
● Willy

● Y.y.
● XW

● Khin CoCo

● Hano 


● Tinoq + Dylan – #BEAUTE #MAKEUP #HAIR #creativedirectors – PasirpanjangBoy 

● Clifford Yap – #PHOTOSHOOTTRAVEL #mediadirector

© 2018 AFDS All rights reserved. 

#afds #afdsindo2018 #cwfw2018 #supportaseandesigners #becausefashionmatters

AFDS Fashion Ambassador – Zin Myat Myat Win

ZIN ZIN-vert-horz

INTRODUCING ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase #new#fashionambassadors Myanmar, Zin Myat Myat Win – ZIN

Designer Profile

Myanmar fashion designer Zin Myat Myat Win, known as Zin Zin simply, was born on 10 February 1991.

She was raised and studied till high school in her home town – Pakokku which is a small city, in Magway State, located in the middle region of Myanmar.

At 16, Zin Zin moved to Mandalay to further her education and graduated from Yadanarbon University Mandalay, majoring in Industrial Chemistry (BSc, IC) in 2010.

As a young person, she had an instinctive appreciation of art and fashion in her heart.

After graduation, she followed her heart and when on to study fashion related courses in Mandalay.

In 2014, Zin Zin joined Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Singapore, to pursue a fashion design diploma.

In 2017, during her final year graduation show, she won the ‘Ready-To-Wear Award’ and graduated with Diploma in Fashion Design.

In October 2017, Zin Zin was selected as one of the top 10 emerging designers and her collection was presented in Men’s Folio designer competition.

Quite recently in January 2018, she set up her first eponymous boutique – ZIN, in Mandalay, consisting of men’s and women’s wear.

Zin Zin carries out interdisciplinary research and frequently collaborates with different artists to create her uniquely treated creations. She is a relatively young designer stands tall today knowing that she has carved her own territory in the fashion industry where one risky move can make or break a designer.

Zin Zin is an esteem member and fashion ambassador of the ASEAN Fashion Designer Showcase representing Myanmar.

AFDS Fashion Ambassador – Sylvia Lim & Jennifer Neo

SYLVIA + JENN BW-vert-horz

INTRODUCING ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase #new #fashionambassadors Singapore, Sylvia Lim & Jennifer Lim – TRIOLOGIE – The Emporium Group

Designer Profile

Triologie was conceived in 2011 when a trio of friends decided to put pen to paper and draw up their vision of a fashion label dedicated to the happy, free spirited and world savvy woman.


Sylvia LIM is the key driver in steering the Group’s business. An alumnus of Central Saint Martin’s College of Art & Design in London and one of its founding members who conceived the brand, Sylvia is behind the creation of the Triologie woman that embraces spontaneity, wearability and versatility through its relaxed silhouettes, distinctive detailing. 
Sylvia has taken the brand from department store counters to growing it to an in-house brand at lifestyle specialty boutiques. Sylvia is also the brain behind the fashion lifestyle concept store, The Emporium and has opened 8 pop-up stores and converting 3 to permanent outlets since its inception in October 2012.

An alumnus of LaSalle International Fashion School (Singapore), Jennifer has been designing for the international market for more than 15 years. Jennifer worked with Yang Derong, a veteran Singapore Designer for the company’s private label, Island Shop International Pte Ltd. Jennifer played a critical role for the brand over several seasons. 
Jennifer is the designer behind the Triologie woman that embraces spontaneity, wearability and versatility through its relaxed silhouettes, distinctive detailing. She plays a pivotal role in steering the design direction for Triologie, from conceptualisation through to product development for the international market. 

The Triologie woman possesses a timeless fervour for life, transcending boundaries with delightful ease. A trait embodied in the trinity of free-placing circles defining our identity. Embracing spontaneity, wearability and versatility. She is dreamer, traveller and trendsetter all at once.
Sylvia + Jennifer are esteem members of the ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase representing Singapore.

AFDS collaborates with BFW2018


ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase will be supporting Borneo Fashion Week 2018.

Designers – #fashionambassadors
• Hayden Ng – HAYDEN BOUTIQUE, Singapore
• Natacha Van – Natacha Van Collection, Cambodia
• Pitnapat Yotinratanachai – Pitnapat, Thailand
• Melvin Ashley Shah – Atelier Prive By Melson, Malaysia
• Micheal Ooi – MOfactory, Penang – Malaysia

Models – #modelambassadors
• Lingling
• Por
• Elizabeth

SEE YOU SOON Kuching, Malaysia😊💖💖💖