Dave Ocampo – Head, AFDS (Philippines) dave-ocampo-vert

  • Known for his evening and elegant creations, the designs he creates are worn by clients belonging to high-profile backgrounds. Dave Ocampo introduced his eponymous brand Dave Ocampo – Fashion Designer, and showed his collection for the first time during the 2011 Philippine Fashion Week. The range flaunted in the show included swimwear, womenswear and menswear.
  • Dave is recognized for boldly using colors, luxurious fabrics and defining outfits with stylish and clean lines. He has also shown his craftsmanship in special showcases that highlights his love and passion for Philippine creative arts. Among these shows are Metamorphosis of the Butterfly Sleeves (showcase of the Filipiniana), DENR-Environmental Summit – Eco Fashion Show (upcycled and recycled fashion), Biyaya ng Manobo Fashion Show (indigenous fabric turned in luxe wear creations), Tintura de Malabon (formal wear with the use of the Filipino art of dyeing) and Las Trajes de Boda en Las Casas (Filipino wedding showcase, specifically Mindanaoan weddings).
  • Currently, he is the Vice-President for External Affairs of the Designers Circle Philippines and is actively involved in many projects for its members, to foster partnership with both private and government organizations. Propelling an era of standing out and bringing new things to the fashion platform.
  • Dave is an esteem member and fashion ambassador of the ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase representing Philippines.

Pat Santos – Advisor, AFDS (Philippines)PAT SANTOS-vert

  • Ever since he was a child, he dreamt of creating bridal and couture line of his own. He started realizing his passion for designing at a tender age of 17. After two years of Economics and Accounting course in college, Pat then shifted to a more appropriate course that will nurture his love for styles through Fashion Design and Advanced Pattern Making.
  • Right after college, he went on to pursue his dream of designing. Although his first love for couture and bridal line was put to a momentary hold because of a change in market trends, he got in touch with his business savvy skills by supplying and manufacturing ready-to-wear clothes to a big chain of department stores in the Philippines.
  • Hard work and tough experiences paid off as Pat was focused to achieve his vision of becoming victorious in all his endeavors. His journey to creating his own label wasn’t exactly a walk in the park type. But thankfully, he trusted his knowledge on business and his style expertise that paved the way to higher grounds. With that, he has proved to be one of the reliable designer-suppliers in the garment industry.
  • In 1991, he was given the biggest break of his RTW supplier-manufacturer career when Pat’s first production of basic shirts in soft fabrics sold out in just two days on the racks. Right there and then, he was given an opportunity to branch out and create something ingenious for Filipino women.
  • As he established himself as a supplier and business partner of the biggest mall in the Philippines, Pat felt the need to finally start on his own label. After years of knowing the Filipina market and what style is more appealing to the majority. He started building his first brand foray.
  • In 2003, Woman Philosophy came to life offering Filipino women modern classic RTW pieces that can be wearable in and out their work places. Pat created a line that exudes trendiness and well-made that are reasonably priced.
  • Moving forward to another RTW biz was his creation of Blanc Et Noir in 2009 that broke the usual dressing norm among the Filipinas. The brand offered trendier garments that speaks of sophistication and style.
  • In keeping up with the global trends and changing style behavior, he conceptualized and created Black Velvet in 2016. Pat envisioned the brand to compete against the foreign counterparts and at the same time highlight the best aspect of Filipina’s body through clothes that are sexy but very wearable as trend meets practicality.
  • Having established himself and building a strong foundation for two decades in the garment industry, Pat decided to continue pursuing his first love, Couture and Bridal Line in 2012.
  • With his growth as a fashion designer and the mastery of craftsmanship that he acquired over the span of years in the industry and his fondness in his travels abroad, Pat reiterates the top of mind factor incorporated in every bridal gown that he creates.
  • Aesthetic is the main consideration that he teaches the bride right on their first meeting. Envisioning the best gown that will fit the bride at the same time sticking with the golden rule of comfort and wearability.
  • As a bridal fashion designer, Pat has already tucked numerous achievements under his belt. He has also showcased his bridal masterpieces through fashion shows in the Philippines and New York USA. He has also become a favorite of celebrities, socialites and beauty queens who has a flair for his gowns and formal wear.
  • Pat has joined the ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase to enhance his creativity and business sense. He hopes that through this affiliation, Pat would be able to highlight his creations and broaden his aesthetic aspect in a global scale.
  • The brand maker that is Pat Santos hopes to create more glittery pieces n the future. Breaking new grounds and reaching to the next highest level motivates him on a daily basis.
  • The learnings does not stop there. Pat would want to gain more knowledge and enhance his artistic side more. In a few years, Pat wants to break through his dedicated brands as well as well-crafted designs in a compelling world or maybe around the globe.
  • Pat Santos is an esteem pioneer member and fashion ambassador of the ASEAN Fashion Designer Showcase representing Philippines.