AFDS Services

Are you considering creating a fashion line or interested in improving your design and production process?

AFDS now offers a one-stop services for entrepreneurs and designers who like to launch their own fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands (bespoke, ready to wear, haute couture, accessories, handbags, eyewear, shoes).

We are here to help you navigate options to get your project completed in the most creative, efficient way with the highest quality outcome. 

We offer range of services from consulting, getting your vision into projects, to design and develop your brand, to production, to enter you to experience fashion shows to help you sell your products and trying to get you the right distribution channels and buyers from ASEAN countries and around the world.

 Concept Creation & Consultations

Offering consultation services to establish confidence and understanding before you embark on your journey to bring concept into reality. We have a team of in house experts who have experience and are successful in the fashion industry for over 25 years who will help guide you and work with your closely throughout the process.


We have a talented team of in house designers who already have their own established brands in the market that can help you design your collection and work closely with you to develop your brand. We will use our expertise to meet your goals.

Product Development

Offering a range of development services to prepare clients for manufacturing, including pattern drafting, sample making, and grading.

Manufacturing (Production)

Providing both small and large scale production services for independent designers and established brands alike utilizing manufacturing facilities in Asean region.

Brand Development

We will work closely with you, brainstorm your concepts, gain deep understanding of your vision and then develop visual presentation to convey that message.  This entire project will include logo, color palette, style guide, labels, packaging, lifestyle photographs/videos for social media, look book, product shots, and website.

Trunk Shows

We provide trunk shows around ASEAN countries for your brand to reach out to target customers.  We also collaborate with many big fashion shows including Malaysia Fashion Week, Lao Fashion Week, Fashionology Festival in Vietnam and many others.

Each time your show will be photographed and documented, so you can use them for marketing.

 This is how it works

  1. First, contact us and we’ll set up a complementary consultation. We want to get to know you and your ideas before we get started. In this session we’ll ask you questions to get a complete understanding of your vision and the scope of the project. We’ll also explain our services as they pertain to your project and answer any questions you have.
  2. Next, we’ll share a proposal. Based on our consultation, our expert team will present you with a proposal detailing the options for working together to help turn your vision into a successful brand. This could include consultation services options or a complete outsourcing of your design and development to our team.
  3. Finally, we’ll work with you to create a timeline to ensure the project is completed efficiently and effectively. We’ll get started right away and keep you informed and in touch throughout the process.


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