ARise Lombok!Charity Project

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The journey of Miss World – Singapore 2018 in collaboration with ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase and LT PRO (OFFICIAL) on the ARise Lombok! Charity Project, September 2018.


AFDS at BORNEO Fashion Week 2018


ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase just completed a showing from 7th – 9th Sept at Borneo Fashion Week 2018!

Here are the works of Hayden Ng, Natacha Van, Melvin Shah, Pitnapat Yotinratanachai and Micheal Ooi.

Videos by #afds #regionalpartner #mediadirector – Mr Clifford Yap – #Cliffy

LT Pro presents AFDS – CWFW2018


● AFDS IN Surabaya, Indonesia 


LT PRO (OFFICIAL) presents ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase in Surabaya, Indonesia, at Ciputra World Surabaya on 21st – 23rd September 2018.


● Dibya Hody – INTERIM Clothing
● Hannie Hananto + Neera Alatas – #HANNEERA
● Lenny Agustin – Lenny Agustin

● Sylvia Lim + Jennifer Neo – #TRIOLOGIEThe Emporium Group
● Terry Yeo – The InSane Studio

● Sirus Tantiyapong aka Yod Yoko – Yodyoko Shop
● Pimsiri Ploen Nakswasdi – The Parrot Bangkok
● Pitnapat Yotinratanachai – Pitnapat

● Melvin Shah – Atelier Prive By Melson
● Micheal Ooi – MOfactory

● Min Thu Ryein – @Minthuryein Mode et Design
● Zin Myat Myat Win – #ZIN

● Natacha Van – Natacha Van Collection

● Jian Lasala – LASALA

● LinhThu Ha – HA LINH THU

● Billy Si Amphan – #BILLY 


● Lingling
● Elizabeth
● JENNIE aka Tonkham
● Por
● Willy

● Y.y.
● XW

● Khin CoCo

● Hano 


● Tinoq + Dylan – #BEAUTE #MAKEUP #HAIR #creativedirectors – PasirpanjangBoy 

● Clifford Yap – #PHOTOSHOOTTRAVEL #mediadirector

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AFDS collaborates with BFW2018


ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase will be supporting Borneo Fashion Week 2018.

Designers – #fashionambassadors
• Hayden Ng – HAYDEN BOUTIQUE, Singapore
• Natacha Van – Natacha Van Collection, Cambodia
• Pitnapat Yotinratanachai – Pitnapat, Thailand
• Melvin Ashley Shah – Atelier Prive By Melson, Malaysia
• Micheal Ooi – MOfactory, Penang – Malaysia

Models – #modelambassadors
• Lingling
• Por
• Elizabeth

SEE YOU SOON Kuching, Malaysia😊💖💖💖

AFDS Fashion Ambassador – Terry Yeo

TERRY YEO copy-vert-horz

INTRODUCING ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase #new#fashionambassador Singapore, Terry Yeo – The InSane Studio

Designer Profile

Known for experimenting with leather, plastic, crochet and paper; Terry Yeo is the Willy Wonka of the Singapore fashion industry. Born on 19th September 1979 in the Singapore, Terry has established his name in the industry by his wickedly original ideas and designs.

In 2007 he went on to study at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Singapore and the University of Huddersfield, where he graduated with BA(Hons) in Fashion Design. Before he started his degree, he got a chance to work with big names of the industry like Metro, Giordano, Astro Boy Fashion, Beverly Hill Polo Club and Hush Puppies. He was also actively involved in design projects with Motorola, SingTel, Paragon and The New Paper.
Terry has also won several prestigious accolades, including being the 1st Runner Up in the Young Singapore Fashion Designers Contest, a national competition, amongst others.
He graduated in 2008 and started working on his own line and opened his studio “The InSane Studio” in 2009. This studio represents the sanity of one’s dreams and making it possible as Terry wanted to create a new fashion statement experimenting with the unconventional style. Taking on non-mainstream projects like “Melissa AW15 Launch”, where dresses were made in paper for their show and 27 ways to cut a tee for “Samsung Fashion Stepout 2013”. He loves to explore far out of the box ideas and bring them to live. He is one designer that doesn’t go by the trends but does what he thinks is right.

In 2018, Terry will launch a new label, “ThisLabelIsUnknown”. This fashion label is about exploring the dark grey line between genders, making it an androgynous fashion label. Aiming to propel modern fashion and make androgyny fashion more accessible to the mass. This label also represents the unknown venture of fashion foresight as everything is now timeless and genderless.

Terry is an esteem member and fashion ambassador of the ASEAN Fashion Designer Showcase representing Singapore.


CYPhotoshoot Travel Logo_OL-01

INTRODUCING ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase​ Regional #mediadirector, Clifford Yap​. #regionalmediapartner


Clifford Yap holds a BSc. Film & TV degree from Montana State University (USA) and he spanned more than 30 yrs in the media and education industry.

He had graded thousands of students from the Diploma of Communications and Media Management in Temasek Polytechnic in his capacity as lecturer. He had certified students from University of Western Australian in a special crafted intensive curriculum endorsed by UWA as part of their curriculum requisite. Cliff holds a Higher Education Teaching Certificate endorsed by Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore.

Cliff has conducted workshops for Singapore Film Festival with his college buddies who are Indie Producer/ Director, Writer, DOP & Crew in Hollywood as well as corporate classes for school teachers and government agencies in Singapore.

His media professional experiences include Creative Editor for Singapore Armed Forces Pioneer Magazine, Channel 5 TV Producer/Director for Singapore Broadcasting Corporation, Independent Commercial Producer/Director for TVC, corporate videos, training videos and numerous special events in the discipline of photography, film and television production.

Cliff received commendations from DPM Teo Chee Hean, MINDEF, University of Western Australia, Down Syndrome Singapore, CHIJ and numerous organisations for his contributions in his professional discipline.

Currently he develops and publishes new pedagogy in media education under his independent capacity as Media Professional and Coach.

Author / Self-Publisher for Concept of the Hand Photography and others.

The plan for the next five years is to expand his online courses globally through innovative media education. And ignite out-of-the-box projects to promote creativity.

AFDS Indonesia 2018


ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase heads over to Surabaya, Indonesia, at Ciputra World Surabaya on 21st – 23rd September 2018.

surabaya_by_puken-db5m5jv copy (2)

AFDS Fashion Ambassador – Pimsiri Nakswasdi

Pimsiri Nakswasdi-vert-horz

INTRODUCING ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase #new#fashionambassador ThailandPimsiri Ploen Nakswasdi – The Parrot Bangkok

– Designer Profile –

Born on 29th October, 1986, Pimsiri Nakswasdi is a fashion designer from Bangkok, Thailand and the creator of The Parrot.

She did not attain a degree in fashion designing but has studied interior architecture at Chulalongkorn University and management at Harvard University, Massachusetts, USA. After graduation and being in the work force for a few years, she found her true passion in fashion. Later, she founded her own company – The Parrot International Co, Ltd and launched her first collection in 2013.

The Parrot started as an online-based fashion store born in Bangkok. After 3 years, they have expanded from online to storefronts with 7 branches in the main areas of Bangkok, such as Zen at Central World, K Village, Central East Ville, Thonglor, Ekkamai and a branch in Singapore.

Her international approach to fashion is fast, creativeness, flexibility of use, good quality design and enabling a rapid turnaround.

Pimsiri is not only involved with the creative department of her business, she also focuses on other aspects other than accessories and clothes. She also shows a keen interest in the interiors of her shops, advertising and promotion of her label as well as graphic designing.

In 2017, Pimsiri was awarded Her World editor’s choice award 2017 “Best of Brand in Our Mind”.

She has also been invited as a guest speaker at Luxellence Center x Bunka on Social Media for Fashion business, Accademia Italiana Thailand on Fashion marketing and The College of Management Mahidol University on Momentum Marketing.

Pimsiri believes that inspiration to her does not come from things that exist already around her and she can see them such as galleries, people, places, museums and so on. Instead, she feels that the ideas and thoughts in one’s mind are what need attention. This is how new things are created.

Pimsiri is an esteem member and fashion ambassador of the ASEAN Fashion Designer Showcase representing Thailand.

AFDS Decorum Director – Ms Ida Ong at Sule Shangri-La’s Wedding & Lifestyle Fair.


Ms Ida Ong of IMP International, Singapore giving tips to grooming tips to brides and grooms – How to prepare yourselves better for the wedding mentally and physically at Sule Shangri-La, Yangon’s Wedding & Lifestyle Fair – Iconic Inspirations on 27th May 2018.

Ms Ida Ong, founder and owner of Imp international, formerly a Model Agency and Grooming College since 1977, comes with a wealth of public relations experience, having worked in leading Singapore hotels, the Shangri-La and Phoenix, and also served as Marketing and Public Relations Manager of the Specialists’ Centre before starting her own business. Imp international was one of Singapore’s leading modelling agencies until May 8, 1992, when Mrs. Ong felt the market need and great potential for image building, and so turned the company around to solely concentrate on grooming for people of all ages, and from all vocations.

Over the years, she has quickly gained the high reputation of being a top Grooming Consultant, having personally groomed a wide range of people, from school children to top models and actors. Some of the more well-known names include leading female television actress Ms. Zoe Tay, international movie star Ms. Fann Wong, well-known local newscaster Ms. Glenda Chong and former television actor and now leading banker Mr. James Lye, who were her top models in Imp international.

She is also a much sought-after Stylist and Host for fashion workshops and have conducted numerous ones, for leading fashion brands like Liz Claiborne, Mexx, Theme, Metro, just to name a few. With her repertoire of anecdotes and wide fashion knowledge, she is able to share valuable tips, especially on colour coordination, maximise use of purchases, figure analysis, wardrobe planning and current trends, as well as enjoy wonderful rapport with her audience.

Ida is personally involved in conducting many of the courses offered by Imp international, and her specialty lies in ETIQUETTE, the Western Dining Etiquette course being one of the most popular where participants can learn in a hands on and fun ambience.

She has travelled to Tokyo, Japan, Shanghai, China and Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam to conduct these courses.

As of May 9, 2016, she has attained the WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) qualification which is a Singapore Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) programme listed within the Training and Adult Education Professional Competency (TAEPCM) developed by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA).

In 2017, Ida was invited by the Lao Fashion Week Board to be the Official Model Trainer for all models that walked in the shows.

Ms Ida Ong is on the ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase EXCO where she is holds the role of AFDS’s Decorum Director.

W –

AFDSMM2018 Special Wedding Showcase – BRIDAL


YAP04738ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase at Sule Shangri-La, Yangon‘s Wedding Fair – Iconic Inspirations – 27th May 2017.

Supported by #AFDS #RegionalPartners –

● #BEAUTE by Tinoq + Dylan
● IMP International – Ms Ida Ong

● ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase Special Wedding Show 2018 – Iconic Inspirations is organised by #AFDS (Myanmar) #Founder – Mr Brian Jeremiah, International Director Consultant, Carrie Models International – Myanmar and team.

● Models – Carrie Models International – Myanmar

● Supported by #AFDS #modelambassadors – 
● Elizabeth 
● Jennie – Tonkham
● Lingling
● Por

● Show Director – Mr Brian Jeremiah.

● MEDIA PARTNER – Mr. Clifford Yap.















Models – AFDS Wedding Showcase presented by Sule Shangri-La, Yangon


The models for ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase Wedding Showcase – Iconic Inspirations presented by Sule Shangri-La, Yangon on 26th & 27th May 2018.

Models – Carrie Models International – Myanmar and ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase #modelambassadors collaboration.

AFDS + Runway Moda – Brand Discovery – BANDID LASAVONG, Men Folder



ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase #fashionambassador#founder of AFDS (Laos), Bandid Lasavong – MEN folder Brand Discovery video by Runway Moda.

AFDS Wedding Show Press


Thank you Myanmar Celebrity for the write up on ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase on the upcoming Wedding Show – Iconic Inspirations presented by Sule Shangri-La, Yangon.


AFDS Models Ambassadors – Wedding Showcase – Iconic Inspirations

MODELS MM anigif

ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase #modelambassados – ElizabethJennie Miss World Laos 2017Lingling Piyadar inthavong and Por will be modelling our #fashionambassadors designs at ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase Wedding Showcase – ICONIC INSPIRATIONS presented by Sule Shangri-La, Yangon on 27th May 2018.

We look forward to seeing you there! 😉
#afds #afdsmm2018 #suleshangrila

AFDS Fashion Ambassador – Pat Santos

PAT SANTOS-vert-horz

INTRODUCING ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase #new#fashionambassador PhilippinesPat Santos – #PATSANTOSCOUTURE 

Designer Profile

It is rare to find some one who possesses a great knack for business and a creative mind. But all these and more can be found in one persona. Fashion Designer Patrick ‘Pat’ Santos has built his reputation and established his own style niche banking on these two characteristics. Thus, making Pat an achiever on both fields—business and fashion.

Ever since he was a child, he dreamt of creating bridal and couture line of his own. He started realizing his passion for designing at a tender age of 17. After two years of Economics and Accounting course in college, Pat then shifted to a more appropriate course that will nurture his love for styles through Fashion Design and Advanced Pattern Making.

Right after college, he went on to pursue his dream of designing. Although his first love for couture and bridal line was put to a momentary hold because of a change in market trends, he got in touch with his business savvy skills by supplying and manufacturing ready-to-wear clothes to a big chain of department stores in the Philippines.

Hard work and tough experiences paid off as Pat was focused to achieve his vision of becoming victorious in all his endeavors. His journey to creating his own label wasn’t exactly a walk in the park type. But thankfully, he trusted his knowledge on business and his style expertise that paved the way to higher grounds. With that, he has proved to be one of the reliable designer-suppliers in the garment industry.

In 1991, he was given the biggest break of his RTW supplier-manufacturer career when Pat’s first production of basic shirts in soft fabrics sold out in just two days on the racks. Right there and then, he was given an opportunity to branch out and create something ingenious for Filipino women.

As he established himself as a supplier and business partner of the biggest mall in the Philippines, Pat felt the need to finally start on his own label. After years of knowing the Filipina market and what style is more appealing to the majority. He started building his first brand foray.

In 2003, Woman Philosophy came to life offering Filipino women modern classic RTW pieces that can be wearable in and out their work places. Pat created a line that exudes trendiness and well-made that are reasonably priced.

Moving forward to another RTW biz was his creation of Blanc Et Noir in 2009 that broke the usual dressing norm among the Filipinas. The brand offered trendier garments that speaks of sophistication and style.

In keeping up with the global trends and changing style behavior, he conceptualized and created Black Velvet in 2016. Pat envisioned the brand to compete against the foreign counterparts and at the same time highlight the best aspect of Filipina’s body through clothes that are sexy but very wearable as trend meets practicality.

Having established himself and building a strong foundation for two decades in the garment industry, Pat decided to continue pursuing his first love, Couture and Bridal Line in 2012.

With his growth as a fashion designer and the mastery of craftsmanship that he acquired over the span of years in the industry and his fondness in his travels abroad, Pat reiterates the top of mind factor incorporated in every bridal gown that he creates.

Aesthetic is the main consideration that he teaches the bride right on their first meeting. Envisioning the best gown that will fit the bride at the same time sticking with the golden rule of comfort and wearability.

As a bridal fashion designer, Pat has already tucked numerous achievements under his belt. He has also showcased his bridal masterpieces through fashion shows in the Philippines and New York USA. He has also become a favorite of celebrities, socialites and beauty queens who has a flair for his gowns and formal wear.

Pat has joined the ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase to enhance his creativity and business sense. He hopes that through this affiliation, Pat would be able to highlight his creations and broaden his aesthetic aspect in a global scale.

The brand maker that is Pat Santos hopes to create more glittery pieces n the future. Breaking new grounds and reaching to the next highest level motivates him on a daily basis.

The learnings does not stop there. Pat would want to gain more knowledge and enhance his artistic side more. In a few years, Pat wants to break through his dedicated brands as well as well-crafted designs in a compelling world or maybe around the globe.

AFDS Model Ambassador – Tonkham Phonchanheuang, Jennie


INTRODUCING ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase latest #modelambassadorTonkham Phonchanheuang – Jennie Miss World Laos 2017.

Affectionately known as Jennie, she represents the new wave of models from Laos and is Miss World – Laos 2017.

AFDS Fashion Ambassador – Mogok Pauk Pauk



INTRODUCING ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase NEW #fashionambassador MyanmarMogok Pauk Pauk – MOGOK PAUK PAUK COUTURE + FGM.

Born in Mogok, Myanmar, Mogok Pauk Pauk was a very creative child and was always interested in all kinds of arts. At age 15, she started as a makeup artist. In 1988 she moved to Yangon from her hometown Mogok in Mandalay Region to work in the movie industry with her teacher Sandy, a costumier for actress Moe Moe Myint Aung, and that is when she picked up tailoring. Shuttling between Yangon and Mogok, she dedicated her time to both makeup and dressmaking, especially for brides.

She has flourished as a fashion designer since 2000. In 2006 she went to Milan, Italy, to study fashion design. After 18 months she returned and started confecting traditional robes, gowns and evening dress for actresses, jewellery models, cosmetics fairs and magazine photo shoots.

Since 2011 she has specialised in fashion design. Under the brand Mogok Pauk Pauk: Haute Couture, she produces Myanmar traditional wedding dresses, gowns, evening wear and cocktail wear.
In 2013 she launched the ready-to-wear brand Chic Pauk, which continues to thrive in its niche market.

Pauk Pauk has judged The Model Academy, the first reality TV show about grooming a supermodel in Myanmar. The Channel 7 show ended in 2014, but she continues to lay down the law in the reality competition show Style Secret.

In 2015, Pauk Pauk opened her atelier – MOGOK PAUK PAUK COUTURE, a work space and showcase for her silk and acheik designs. Realising that her acheik designs were in demand, Pauk Pauk, started her ready to wear line, FGM by Mogok Pauk Pauk, that creates very affordable acheik styles from the modern day Myanmar market.

Pauk Pauk is an esteem pioneer member and fashion ambassador of the ASEAN Fashion Designer Showcase representing Myanmar.

AFDS Fashion Ambassador – John Herrera

JOHN HERRERA copy-vert-horz


INTRODUCING ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase NEW #fashionambassador Manila, PhilippinesJohn Herrera – JOHN HERRERA – House of Herrera Philippines.

John Herrera is a Philippine fashion designer who has made his mark in the fashion industry with the evening wear and bridal gowns that he designs. He was born on December 9, 1981 in Manila, Philippines. Fashion came to John at a young age, when he was a child, he liked dolls. Not only playing with them but dressing and undressing them. He would make clothes for them and watch his friends play with the dolls in the dresses he had made. From there, he started reworking his clothes and he felt so cool wearing clothes that people could not buy anywhere. He felt really special and realized then; the power that fashion has to make people feel great about themselves. It was only inevitable for him to study the craft.

John studied fashion at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines in 2003 and started teaching right after he graduated, while slowly setting up his own atelier. In 2005, he joined Philippine Fashion Week and in 2008 he opened his atelier John Herrera Couture. The designer has made his mark in the fashion industry for with his focus on using beautiful material and perfect hand finishes.

John made waves in the industry with his first fashion show in 2003 and his career moved forward from strength to strength with his collection being displayed in London in 2015. John won the London Emerging Designer Award (LED) for his collection Bioluminescence, a 10-piece collection inspired by marine life that year. That same year, he showed for the first time at the Tokyo Fashion Week (then Mercedes Benz) produced by the Japan Fashion Week organization (“Asian Fashion Meets Tokyo”).

In 2016, he presented his Spring Summer 2017 Collection Amaya, and debuted his shoe collection at the London Fashion Week 2016, under The Oxford Fashion Studio. John also started his men’s wear line in 2016.

In February 2017, he won Britain’s Top Designer 2017 for a collection called “Agila”, inspired by his country’s endangered national bird. He showed twice at Fashion Scout during London Fashion week in 2017, the “Agila” and “Armada” collections. Both collections were featured in British Vogue and Vogue Italia online.

John is the brand ambassador for Epson Philippines Digital Textile Printing Technology.

His SS18 collection is called Armada, inspired by the accidental discovery of the Philippine Islands by the Spanish en route to the spice islands (Molucas). Visually, Diogo Ribiero’s World Map provided inspiration for the prints and the linear fabric manipulation techniques I employ in the pieces. The map shows the world circa 1529 and with the help of Epson’s digital textile printing technology, he rendering parts of this medieval map on opaque and translucent fabrics. The combination of sheer and stiff materials with soft fabrics will create new silhouettes.

John is always inspired by the dream. Of breaking the almost impenetrable ceiling of the international fashion scene. Very triumph presents a new challenge to make oneself better. To be in competition only with yourself and to set yourself up for greater heights.

John is an esteem member and fashion ambassador of the ASEAN Fashion Designer Showcase representing Philippines.