AFDS x F8 Makassar 2022

On September 7-11, ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase was invited to showcase on the runway for Makassar International Eight Festival & Forum (F8), part of the top 10 charismatic events organised by the Ministry of Tourism & Creative Economic for the beautiful archipelago of the Republic of Indonesia.

Representing ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase was our honorable Chairman and Singaporean fashion designer Hayden Ng, together with one of Thailand’s well known fashion designers, Pitnapat Yotinratanachai. This large capacity festival attracted more than a million attendees, held at Losari Beach Makassar in the island of South Sulawesi. Makassar is known for its tourist attraction with surrounding islands to explore, dutch architecture of Fort Rotterdam to experience, seafood lovers’ heaven to indulge and just a really beautiful destination for holiday seekers.

Hayden Ng showcased his magnificent Ready To Wear capsule collection while Pitnapat Yotinratanachai brought his gorgeous Demi Couture capsule collection to the runway at the F8 Festival. AFDS esteemed Regional Partner LT Pro, brought together a team of Hair and Makeup artists who worked seamlessly with the brief to capture the style and look forboth designers.

AFDS was developed to raise awareness and appreciation for the unique style and diversity in the Asean region while promoting greater cross-cultural and creative collaboration. Growing mainstream regional awareness for fashion designers and models while nurturing up-and-coming, local fashion designers and models. Video by Iksan Colly | Iksancolly photography.

Choreo : @deacyhayer

Music Director : @arfayip

AFDS International PR Director : Neva Weber | Dressed AU

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You are invited to join us for the ASEAN International Digital Fashion Week – RESORT Showcase. This showcase will be “LIVE” streamed from 🇸🇬 5 – 8 Aug 2021 at 8 PM (+8 GMT).

Here is a sneak peek of what you can expect to see from this exciting showcase of 93 International Designers from all around the world and Grooming & Deportment Masterclasses from Ms Ida Ong of IMP International, and Makeup Masterclasses from LT PRO (OFFICIAL) Make Up Team. 🤩🤩🤩

BLOCK these dates… 5 – 8 Aug 2021. STARTS AT 8 PM (+8 GMT). “LIVE” Streaming from 🇸🇬


This showcase is a collaboration between ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase (AFDS) and digital platform, Thehomeground Asia (THG) and W Singapore – Sentosa Cove in a bid to help raise awareness and appreciation for the unique style and diversity in the ASEAN region, and to promote greater cross-cultural and creative collaboration between ASEAN and International fashion partners from across the globe.


AFDS Fashion Ambassador – THET SU WADDY – Elxie Atelier.

INTRODUCING ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase #AFDS #new #fashionambassador, Thet Su Waddy from Myanmar.


Thet Su Waddy is a Myanmar designer born in Yangon on November 20th, 1998. She is affectionately known to all by her nickname – Elxie.

Her mother’s clothing atelier had a great influence on Elxe’s life and that is what made her pursue a career in fashion design. After completing her studies in high school, Elxie studied in YUFL for one semester while she prepared to attend fashion university.

In 2016, the 17-year-old Elxie started her formal education in fashion design at Raffles International College. She pursued a Diploma of Fashion Design and Bachelor of Fashion Design (Hons) from Northumbria University that is linked with Raffles Bangkok.

Part of the internship experience during the school years, she worked as backstage managing assistant for Chanel Cruise Show in Bangkok 2018 and assisted Kunming Folk Fashion Week 2019.

Elxie completed her graduation in June 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts with Second Honours Class (Lower Division) from Northumbria University.

The year 2021 witnessed Elxie establishing her own brand, Elxie Atelier that defines her fashion aesthetics and caters to Myanmar’s fashionistas in 20s.  

Elxie keen interest in artworks, architecture, and people inspires her to create eye-catching details to infuse into her designs and to create contemporary fashion with a ready-to-wear line for Myanmar’s fast growing fashion market.

Elxie is inspired to keep on working by seeing people in her creations and when she meets a very chic woman who happens to like her designs. This is what motivates her to keep on going.

Elxie is an esteem member and fashion ambassador of the ASEAN Fashion Designer Showcase representing Myanmar.


INTRODUCING ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase #AFDS #new #fashionambassador, Lisa Fitria – Lisa Fitria, from Indonesia.


Lisa was born on September 9, 1978 in Semarang, central of java Indonesia. She was raised in the world of design, learning her trade from the hands of her mother who ran her own dressmaking business. Lisa began making costumes for her song and dance shows since elementary school.

She graduated from high school in 1996 and when on to college to majoring in textile design. Lisa won the scholarship from Hanseung Textile Industries and she spent the next two years learning the Korean language and textile industry in the cities of Daegu and Gumi, South of Korea. She graduated in 1998, in the midst of the Asian financial crisis which severely affected Southeast Asia, leading to Hanseung closing down its factories in Indonesia, and thus releasing Lisa from her obligation to work for the company.

She went on to work as a merchandiser for Sai Apparel Industries, another Korean garment company that played an important position in the Indonesian garment industry, based in Semarang.

After 2 years, she moved to Textile One, one of the largest textile marketing and distribution companies. Because of her passion and hard work, Lisa quickly advanced in the company and after nine years, she rose to the position of general manager of the company.

“But then, I remembered that I had always reminded myself that I have to achieve my dream when I reach 30 years,”  And at the age of 30, she resigned and started making her dream a reality.

In 2011, Lisa debuted her women’s ready-to-wear collection in a show at Jakarta Food and Fashion Festival (JFFF) at Mal Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. Since then, Lisa has been actively presenting her collections and has participated in fashion shows both in Indonesia and abroad.

Lisa’s business core comprises of her retail ready-to-wear clothing and another wing for corporate uniforms. Her two ready to wear labels are sold through e-commerce platforms and pop up stores throughout Indonesia.

Lisa’s fashion style is androgynous, masculine cultivating a minimalist, streamlined look that relied on sublime tailoring and good fabric choice.

Despite her busy schedule, Lisa also teaches and provides training to small and medium entrepreneurs on textile and design knowledge. She is also a sort after judge of fashion design competitions and serves as the Vice chairman of Business Development in Indonesian Fashion Chamber (IFC).

Lisa is an esteem member and fashion ambassador of the ASEAN Fashion Designer Showcase representing Indonesia.

AFDS Fashion Ambassadors – JOANNE QUAK &a JOANNA LIM – B-NARY

INTRODUCING ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase #AFDS #new #fashionambassadors, Joanne Quak & Joanna Lim – B-nary from Singapore.


B1NARY or B-NARY is a Singapore based fashion label founded by fashion and textiles designers – Joanne Quak and Joanna Lim, creating womenswear and menswear from prints inspired by the pluralism surrounding the designers’ lives.

Bringing to the table exclusive edgy-looking classics that relates with your urban lifestyle. Timeless silhouettes with bold prints. Delicate textiles used with an unexpected twist. Serving as your daily muse of a wardrobe that combines attitude with a laid-back feel.

It is created for the generation of people who are unafraid to speak up, passionate in forging their own paths, perceptive to a fault.

They are here to design clothes that inspire you to embrace the familiar with the strange.

B1NARY or B-NARY started at the start of 2020.

Both founders are graduates of Lasalle College of the Arts, both specialising in Fashion Design and Textiles.

The label is designed to offer products and accessories which can be customized and tailored as per customer requirements, enabling people to get their favourite piece that fits them well.

They aim to work with social enterprise platform such as Tamar Village, and believe and aim, to support NGO NPO. They believe in contributing back to the society and are also exploring ways to enhance the whole supply chain, looking, and working with local resources.

Joanne Quak and Joanna Lim are esteem members and fashion ambassadors of the ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase representing Singapore.

AFDS Fashion Ambassador – ALDRI INDRAYAN – Aldrè

INTRODUCING ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase Group #AFDS #new #fashionambassador, Aldri Indrayana – Aldrè from Indonesia.


Aldri’s fashion journey began in Sydney, Australia where he studied fashion business at The Fashion Institute Sydney.

During his time there, Aldri did his internship at Carla Zampatti, Gary Bigeni, Bianca Spender and Ermenegildo Zegna. After graduation and completion of his internship, Aldri returned to Indonesia.

In 2013, Aldri went on to do a short course on pattern making, creative fashion design with illustrator and digital print on textile at Central Saint Martin, University of London. Upon completion of the courses, Aldri returned to Indonesia and started work as an engineer at PT. Siemens Indonesia in the Fall of 2013.

Aldri soon realise that his calling was in fashion and in May 2014, he established his eponymous label – ALDRIE.

His debut collection was womenswear and paying tribute to his engineering degree, his collections are influenced based on that, in the form of digital textile print.

Fall 2015, he introduced menswear into his collections and since then, menswear has been a staple in all his works.

Aldrie is all about quality, design, and comfort. Simple but yet abundance in details.
Each detailing carefully experimented and chosen to create a magnificent quality to these out of the box pieces of design.

In 2015, Aldri was one of the finalists, representing Indonesia in the ASEAN Youth and Creative Fair Competition.

In 2018, he was chosen as Indonesia’s representative to The Sakura Collection in Japan.

In 2019, Aldri took a more sustainable approach to design and has collaborated with many high-profile artists and illustrators like APR, Cota Cota Studio and on//off official and many other more.

Aldri is an esteem member and fashion ambassador of the ASEAN Fashion Designer Showcase representing Indonesia.

AFDS Fashion Ambassador – EKO TJANDRA -Olanye by Eko Tjandra

INTRODUCING ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase #AFDS #new #fashionambassador, Eko Tjandra – Olanye by Eko Tjandra from Indonesia.


Eko Tjandra is an Indonesian designer who has a deep love for Indonesia’s traditional cultural heritage. His name may not be as famous as other designer beauty pageants, but his work in the world of beauty pageants has long made achievements for Indonesia.

Born in 1982, Eko Tjandra is a native of the Bojonegoro region. When Eko was in high school, he was influenced by his classmate’s mother, who offered to teach him sewing. That was his starting point into the world of fashion design.

Before becoming a professional fashion designer, the young Eko Tjandra was a stage singer. In 2010, he and his business partner, Mas Tjandra, agreed to establish their fashion brand – Olanye by Eko Tjanda. Eko is the collection designer while Tjandra is in charge of marketing. The two men were originally friends in the TVRI singing competition and the friendship that started 8 years ago, developed into the fashion business because both Eko and Tjandra have an interest in the world of fashion.

The Olanye label was founded in 2010. This name was taken because both of them like the color orange. With the aim of creating a label named catchy, came the word transformation into “Oranye` Olanye. Eko and Tjandra founded Olanye at first not specifically for stage costumes, but for cocktail dresses. Everything changed since Olanye’s stage costume was worn by Hudson, who was then a participant in the Indonesia Looking for Talent contest.

The entry of Olanye’s stage costume design into the entertainment world then brought Eko and Tjandra a special interest in stage costumes. Eko admitted that he became increasingly interested in making stage costumes that were more unique. “When designing costumes with character I feel incredibly happy. I really prefer something decorative.” said the designer who was not satisfied enough when working on ready-to-wear clothes.

In 2013 Eko Tjandra was later introduce to the world of beauty pageants through Miss Scuba Indonesia, this is where Eko Tjandra entered the world of beauty pageants, he started making evening gowns and national costumes for the pageants.

In the Miss Scuba International 2013 event in Malaysia, Indonesia, represented by Nadhira Ulya Suryadi, made it into the top 5 and won the best national costume with the Minangkabau theme. And continued in the following year 2014 through the same event Rima Demensah won the best national costume. A tittle that Eko Tjandra won back to back. The national costume is a modification of the Tapanuli South-North Sumatra costume with the theme “Batak Mandailing”.

The Best National Costume for Miss Earth 2014 for the Asia region was presented by Anissa Ananda Nusyirwan (Miss Earth Indonesia 2014). This national costume is a modification of West Sumatra culture with the theme “The Glory Of Sparkling Minang”. Best National Costume Supermodel International 2014 was presented by Sophia Fionnita (Supermodel Indonesia 2014) with the theme “The Enchanting Princess of Borneo”.

Best National Costume Miss Eco Universe 2016 was presented by Olvah Alhamid (Miss Eco Universe Indonesia 2016 and Top 5 Puteri Indonesia 2015). This costume takes the theme of Bird of Paradise with various meanings in each element of the national costume. The headpiece symbolizes the Honai of the traditional Papuan house, the wings on the right and left are made long with a length of 1.25m. The clothes that Olvah wears are made of gold-colored materials, symbolizing Papua which is rich in natural resources. Black orchids on the right and left sides of the chest, want to introduce to the world that black orchids are the most expensive flowers and come from Papua. Tifa musical instruments are traditional instruments on the right and left hip where Papua is rich in arts and culture. Bird of Paradise in hand symbolizes the beauty of Papua, which we must protect and preserve the population.

In 2016 Eko Tjandra made evening gowns for Dikna Faradiba at Miss Tourism International, and the two of them returned to the conversation with different evening gowns with fringes or tassel motifs.

Later in 2016, Eko Tjandra dressed the Indonesian representatives in Eko Tjandra’s design with a Lampung tapis cloth motif for the Olympics.

In 2018, Eko Tjandra became the official designer for Miss Supranational 2018 – Wilda Oktaviana Situngkir who won 3rd runner-up and best supermodel.

In 2020, Eko Tjandra developed a ready collection to wear collection with a touch of traditional Indonesian fabrics and aims to develop the OLANYE by Eko brand Tjandra to the international market.

Eko Tjandra is an esteem member and fashion ambassador of the ASEAN Fashion Designer Showcase representing Indonesia.

AFDS Fashion Ambassador – Edwin Uy

INTRODUCING ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase #new #fashionambassador Philippines – Edwin Uy.

Designer Profile

  • Edwin Uy is an award-winning Philippine-based designer of Filipino, Chinese, and Spanish descent. He has a degree in Mathematics from the University of the East before taking his place in the fashion industry.
  • Edwin Uy has created a name in the Philippine fashion industry because of his beautiful and unique bridal ensembles. He balances creativity and wearability that is why his creations have appealed to so many brides. Edwin is also known for his versatility as a couturier because apart from his bridal and evening wear collections, he creates fabulous show-stopping costumes as well. His works has been used by top artists and celebrities in their major concerts and special events.
  • Edwin began his fashion design career in 1996. He started with bridal and entourage gowns for families and friend. His craftsmanship and fine detailing found its way through word of mouth and his clientele started to grow in number.
  • Since then, he became one of the top designers in the Philippine wedding industry and has dressed many high-profile weddings. He is an active member of the FWDP (Fashion by the Wedding Designers of the Philippines).
  • As a fashion designer, he has staged numerous fashion shows. One of the highlights of his career was his first gala in 2003 which earned positive reviews from fashion critics. Another high point in his designing career was when he staged a show at the World Trade Center for the benefit of ABS CBN’s Bantay Bata Foundation.
  • In 2008, he was tapped to dress up all the cover girls (politicians and celebrities) of Woman Today magazine in a show to celebrate their Silver Anniversary. Edwin is also an active participant of the annual Philippine Fashion Week since 2007.
  • In the early years of his career, Edwin dabbled into designing accessories for top couturiers. This gave him good exposure and inspired him to further hone his designing skills and clothes making. After a while, this became an advantage for Edwin because his accessories compliment his clothes.
  • Edwin is also called the “designer of the celebrities”. He has been dressing up showbiz personalities such as Francine Prieto, Jolina Magdangal, Ai Ai de las Alas, Jessa Zaragosa, Pia Guanio, Angela Velez, Mel Changco, Tuesday Vargas, Jenny Miller, Andrea del Rosario, Sheryn Regis, Rachel Anne Go, Louie Heredia, Jean and Janika Garcia, Tetchie Agbayani, Alessandra de Rossi and Bea Alonzo.
  • Edwin was also the creative designer of the fabulous costumes of pop divas Kuh Ledesma and Zsa Zsa Padilla in their first major concert together entitled “DIVA 2 DIVA” held at the Philippine International Convention Center in 2005. Asia’s Nightingale Lani Misalucha also wore Edwin’s headdress for the opening number of her first major concert at the Araneta Coliseum.
  • More showstopper costumes and gowns by Edwin were also used by Vina Morales during her major concert at Araneta Coliseum in 2006. The First Lady of Bossa Nova, Sitti Navarro, wore Edwin’s beautiful gowns in two of her concerts at the Captain’s Bar of the Mandarin Hotel in Makati City.
  • In 2000 when he was commissioned these big names in the Philippine entertainment industry to design their couture, Edwin also started designing his first evening gown and national costume for an international pageant. When Peachy Manzano won Miss Tourism International in 2000, Edwin Uy began to be noticed.
  • In 2002, he created the national costume for April Rose Perez when she competed in the Miss Earth pageant in Manila, Philippines . His creation won 2nd place among 80 candidates. Despite the giant feat, Edwin did not pursue pageants until 2011. In that year, Edwin Uy took a 180-degree turn, used history for inspiration and won Best Designer of the Year in the Mutya ng Pilipinas.
  • In 2012, his Ifugao-Inspired dress worn by Nicole Schmitz won the Best National Costume in the Binibining Pilipinas Pageant. Schmitz eventually took home the Miss International crown.
  • In 2013, Edwin’s design won 2nd place in the Miss Earth pageant, his second for the contest and in an international pageant. The next year, he landed his first international Best National Costume Award worn by Hilarie Parungao at Miss Asia Pacific World 2014 . In the same year, Mister International winner, Neil Perez, donned an Edwin Uy national costume that placed third.
  • 2015 saw Edwin in his element, winning for the Philippines three Best National Costumes: Mister International worn by Reniel Villareal; Miss Scuba International worn by Cindy Madduma who also won the title; and Miss Grand International worn by Parul Shah.
  • In 2016, CJ Hirro competed in Miss Global and after winning the national costume award became 1st runner up to the title. One of Edwin’s popular pieces, the Pintados placed in the Top Three National Costumes at the Reina Hispanoamericana 2017, which was worn by title holder Wynwin Marquez.
  • In 2018, he bagged the Best National Costume in Miss Tourism and Culture Universe as well the Mister Tourism and Culture Universe.
  • 2019, Miss Supermodel Globe handed Edwin’s creations Best in National Costume Award as well as Best in Evening Gown.
  • 2020, Edwin’ creation was again in the top 5 Best National Costume worn by Miss Philippines and the other one worn by Miss Singapore, at the Supermodel International 2020 International pageant, and he was awarded the Best National Costume worn by Mr Philippines at Manhunt International 2020 International pageant.
  • Edwin Uy is truly a phenomenal talent, a legend in the field of fashion both in the Philippines and on the international stage.
  • Edwin is an esteem member and fashion ambassador of the ASEAN Fashion Designer Showcase representing Philippines.

AFDS Fashion Ambassador – Cham Santos

INTRODUCING ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase #new #fashionambassador, Cham – Black Velvet Ph from Manila, Philippines.


  • That wonder seeker flair or call it her innate gypsy side of style follower Charmaine ‘Cham’ Santos has paved the way to follow her pursuit of fashion. 
  • As a free-spirited teen who was once admittedly obsessed with boho chic craze became more curious of how fashion can affect and change the mindset of any person. 
  • At a tender age of 16, she has always believed that being well-dressed is a form of manner and expression.  Her initial aim was to do styling jobs that will enable her to experiment and create a distinct image.
  • With that, she admits that she has always been amazed with the glitter of Hollywood style glitz and that has inspired even her more. That gradually added fuel to her genuine interest in fashion.
  • This has pushed Cham to explore and learn more on her chosen field plus the fact that she was practically raised in a family that capitalized style into a thriving biz.
  • But she has discovered that more than being a stylist, her real calling was to be a designer.
  • Cham had her formal studies of design at College of Saint Benilde Art School.  Besides the visual part of the design, what has drawn her eventually into it were the aesthetics and technicalities interwoven in every aspect of a clothing. 
  • From the structure, to the texture, color coordinating and craftsmanship involved in creating a masterpiece has made her love fashion even more.  She also gives gratitude to her designer teachers that didn’t get tired of training her the basics, instilling the ‘be who you are’ mindset and never copy anyone’s design while teaching the proper style aspects in every step of the way. During this learning process, a streak of well-defined confidence has emerged in Cham’s system that goes very well with her style instinct which later motivated her to create her own label.
  • All that she has learned in and out of the class while having hands-on training with their family’s garments biz, Cham summed it all and started her very own ready-to-wear (RTW) line, Black Velvet.
  • “I love colors, textures and prints. I always start my design ideas with that, and it flows freely. I’m happy that I can do that with what I’m passionate about and the designs that I love.” 
  • Cham rightfully knew that the learning does not stop there. She is geared up to every challenge and is welcoming short pitstops in her style journey.  Now, she has stepped up her game and is finally joining the ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase. Through this noteworthy endeavor, Cham is aiming to break out to amplify her brand’s network as well as reach. Likewise, it will be another feat of success soon to be added in her brand’s portfolio.
  • “I’m looking forward to my brand’s expansion and at the same time be acknowledged to other Asian countries. I know this show is the right avenue to make progress.  You see majority of my fellow designers have gone the ready-to-wear route and my only motivation is for my brand to stand out.”


  • Black Velvet speaks of trend meets practicality.
  • In keeping up with the global trends and changing style behavior, Cham Santos conceptualized and created Black Velvet in 2015. 
  • A ready-to-wear brand that gives fashion freedom to modern women through the distinctly made clothes perfectly suited for their every style needs.
  • Cham has always envisioned the brand to compete against the foreign counterparts and at the same time highlight the best aspect of Filipina’s body through clothes that defines subtly sexy mode but very wearable on every occasion that they head to.  
  • The label is currently housed in 20 branches of the big named retail department stores all around the Philippines making it accessible to their clients. 
  • Cham is an esteem member and fashion ambassador of the ASEAN Fashion Designer Showcase representing Philippines.


ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase x Aspara Fashion Week 2020.

FEATURING #AFDS Fashion Ambassadors from 11 countries.
• Brunei Darussalam
• Cambodia
• Indonesia
• Laos
• Malaysia
• Myanmar
• Philippines
• Singapore
• Thailand
• Vietnam

ASEAN Plus Three (APT) –
• China

Join us for this new #remote & online mode – 25 to 27 June 2020.

#fashiondesigner #aseanfashiondesignersshowcase #supportlocaldesigners #supportlocal #supportasean #supportlocalbrand #supportaseanbrand #becoursefashionmatters #asparafashionweek See Less

AFDS Fashion Ambassador – Li Zhen


INTRODUCING ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase #new#fashionambassador China, Li Zhen – The ZRSH

Designer Profile –

Li Zhen was born in Changting, Fujian province on September 19, 1983. He graduated from Shanghai Donghua University majoring in fashion design engineering. Since 2006, he has been the chief designer and artistic director of various women’s wear brands in China.

In 2008, He established the Outline for women’s wear and became the first woman’s wear brand advocating structural aesthetics in China.

From 2006 to 2009, he successively served as the chief designer and artistic director of various women’s clothing brands in China and cooperated with PENNYBLACK JUSTCAVALLI and other famous brands in the world. He has been rated as the most valuable womenswear designer and merchandiser by many media in Shenzhen.

2009-2010 is the year he founded Outline. With a legion of market operation, Outline has successfully penetrated into China’s major business circles and won many outstanding achievements, attracting much attention from the fashion industry. In view of the success of cotton and linen cutting design aesthetic, Li Zhen has become to be known as the “cotton and linen cutting master.” He has been invited to Hu’nan satellite TV, dragon TV and other media for interviews on his works.

In 2016, Li Zhen Shenzhen design studio was established. Li Zhen presented Outline’s AW “silver free” series at China International Fashion Week 2016 and won the top ten China designers award.

In 2017 Li Zhen presented Outline’s AW “mom’s vegetable garden” series and SS “Touch happiness” series.

In 2018, the ZRSH was born in Shenzhen and the ZRSH first series for SS2019 was released in Xiamen, inspirations from exploring the world with the soul and changing the life state of all women with creativity.

Li Zhen is never just a designer. He is thinking about the world, like a nutrient and will always be nourishing every corner of the fashion industry soil.

Li Zhen is an esteem pioneer member and fashion ambassador of the ASEAN Fashion Designer Showcase representing China.



ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase FINALE of DAY 2 at Ciputra World Surabaya, #cwfw2018.
Featuring #fashionambassadors
Zin Myat Myat Win– MYANMAR
Hannie & Neera – INDONESIA
Pitnapat Yotinratanachai – THAILAND
Pimsiri Nakswasdi – THAILAND
Sylvia Lim & Jennifer – SINGAPORE
Micheal Ooi – MALAYSIA
Dibya Hody – INDONESIA
● Hair + Makeup – LT PRO (OFFICIAL)
● Hair #regional #creativedirector – Dylan Chan
● Makeup #regional #creativedirector – Tinoq Goh
● Video + pics #regional #mediadirector – Clifford Yap – #Cliffy

LT Pro presents AFDS at CWFW2018


LT PRO (OFFICIAL) presents ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase in Surabaya, Indonesia, at Ciputra World Surabaya on 21st – 23rd September 2018.

AFDS collaborates with Miss World Malaysia 2018


ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase #fashionambassadorsHayden Ng – HAYDEN BOUTIQUE,Singapore, Natacha Van – Natacha Van Collection, Cambodia, Pitnapat Yotinratanachai – Pitnapat, Thailand, Melvin Shah– Atelier Prive By Melson and Micheal Ooi – MOfactory, Malaysia dressed the finalists of Miss World – Malaysia on Coronation Night, 8th Sept 2018.

Photos by #afds #regional #mediadirector Mr Clifford Yap – #Cliffy.


AFDS collaborates with BFW2018


ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase will be supporting Borneo Fashion Week 2018.

Designers – #fashionambassadors
• Hayden Ng – HAYDEN BOUTIQUE, Singapore
• Natacha Van – Natacha Van Collection, Cambodia
• Pitnapat Yotinratanachai – Pitnapat, Thailand
• Melvin Ashley Shah – Atelier Prive By Melson, Malaysia
• Micheal Ooi – MOfactory, Penang – Malaysia

Models – #modelambassadors
• Lingling
• Por
• Elizabeth

SEE YOU SOON Kuching, Malaysia😊💖💖💖



wedd gif


SNEAK PEEK just for you…..  

Sule Shangri-La, Yangon presents ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase Special Wedding Showcase – Iconic Inspirations on 26th & 27th May 2018.

Featuring Designers –
● Hayden Ng – HAYDEN BOUTIQUESingapore
● Natacha Van – Natacha Van CollectionCambodia
● Bandid Lasavong – MEN folderLaos
● Mogok Pauk Pauk – #MogokPaukPaukCoutureFGMMyanmar
● Dibya Hody – INTERIM ClothingIndonesia
● Ma Myint Zu – Zu Zu CollectionMyanmar
● Pitnapat Yotinratanachai – PitnapatThailand
● Charlotte Barjou – #CharlotteBarjouDesignMyanmar
● Micheal Ooi – MOfactoryMalaysia
● Billy Si Amphan – #BILLYLaos
● Nguyễn Minh Tuấn – NTK MINH TUAN NguyenVietnam
● Pat Santos – #PatSantosCouturePhilippines

Supported by #AFDS #RegionalPartners –
● Runway Moda 
● #BEAUTE by Tinoq + Dylan 
● IMP International – Ida Ong

● ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase Special Wedding Show 2018 – Iconic Inspirations is organised by #AFDS (Myanmar) #Founder – Mr Brian Jeremiah, International Director Consultant, Carrie Models International – Myanmar and team.

● Models – Carrie Models International – Myanmar

● Supported by #AFDS #modelambassadors –
● Elizabeth
● Jennie Miss World Laos 2017
● Lingling Piyadar inthavong
● Por

● Show Director – Mr Brian Jeremiah.

#afdsmm2018  #suleshangrila


AFDS Wedding Show – Press

h (2)-horz


By LWIN MAR HTUN 9 May 2018

With Myanmar’s wedding season almost here, Sule Shangri-La Yangon will hold the “Iconic Inspirations” wedding and lifestyle fair at its ballroom on May 26 and 27.

What sets this fair apart is that it will showcase the best of the best from the local wedding industry alongside outstanding designers from the ASEAN region, including the ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase (AFDS) group.

“We are collaborating in order to exchange cultures and design techniques among different countries,” said designer Ma Myint Zu, who serves as an ambassador for AFDS.

She added, “This wedding show is the first collaboration with talented ASEAN designers in Myanmar. People will get to see our diverse creations.”

The wedding fair will showcase dresses by 13 fashion designers including four local artists: Mogok Pouk Pouk, Ma Myint Zu, Latt Latt and Charlotte Barjou, a French designer based in Myanmar.

“Iconic Inspirations” will bring together modern and traditional Burmese wedding dresses. A high tea and opening show will be held at 2 p.m. on the first day of this celebration of love featuring Ma Myint Zu, Latt Latt and Charlotte Borjou.

In the evening, Mogok Pauk Pauk will close the day with a gala cocktail show at 6 p.m. with the special participation of Laotian designer Lasavong Bandid, a member of AFDS.

The second day will be a celebration of the best dresses of ASEAN, with the members of the Fashion Designers Showcase bringing to Yangon examples of their wedding culture and evening couture in two fashion shows.

Ma Myint Za said, “Both traditional and evening wedding dresses can be seen in my collection for this show, for which I have used palm colors. As you know, dark colors are not typically used for weddings. So I will go with a simple and traditional, classic look.”

On the first day, she said, models will display 10 of her traditional Myanmar wedding dresses and evening gowns.

“Even though the wedding cultures [in ASEAN countries] are different, we can still share them. Plus, here in Yangon, people are putting on weddings with different themes nowadays. So, I hope people who love new things will enjoy these wedding fashions,” she said.

The wedding fair is aimed at promoting greater cross-cultural and creative collaborations between designers from Singapore, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, the Philippines and Vietnam.

Throughout the two-day event, the hotel will showcase distinct wedding experiences. The hotel’s wedding-planning experts will be on hand to meet couples interested in Sule Shangri-La Yangon’s signature wedding packages and cakes, and exclusive honeymoon offers.

Couples who confirm wedding dates at the event will receive a 10-percent discount.

AFDS Fashion Ambassador – Pitnapat Yotinratanachai


Pitnapat Yotinratanachai-vert-horzINTRODUCING ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase #new#fashionambassador ThailandPitnapat Yotinratanachai – Pitnapat.

– Designer Profile –

A triumphant designer specializing in stunning and awe-inspiring costumes, Pitnapat Yotinratanachai is a fashion stylist and one of the most awarded individuals in the fashion industry of Thailand.

In the course of his career, Pitnapat has worked to style costumes and outfits for Thailand’s stage and television industry and has collaborated with many of Thailand’s best directors. He is highly-recognized for styling and designing the costumes for the show performance in The Silk fabric exhibition for Her Majesty Queen Sirikit at Phu Phan Ratchaniwet Palace among others. In addition to this, Pitnapat is credited for designing the appearance of several leading actresses and actors in the country.

Apart from this, Pitnapat has styled for many key epic and historic Siam Operas, commercials, and musicals. Moreover, he has displayed his couture and prêt-a-porter collections across the several Thailand and international fashion weeks.

His traditional yet contemporary designs have captured the hearts of many around the world and he has created many quintessential looks.

In his early years, Pitnapat who graduated from Sripatum University, Bangkok, Thailand, holds a bachelors degree in Media Communications & Public Relation, dreamt of becoming a PR mogul but his eye for gorgeous fabrics, beautiful embellishments and outstanding design plus creative intrinsic sense turned around his destiny – he became one of the most well-known designers from Thailand.

To pursue his passion, he studied a fashion design course at the Alliance-Francaise de Bangkok and joined Tube Gallery after he graduated. Armed with passion and experience, he established his own costume gallery under his name – PITNAPAT and an Event Management Company – Event Centre & Organizer.

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