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ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase is proud to announce that The Luxury Network Singapore, (Asia HQ) is the Official Regional Partnerships Partner for 2018.

The Luxury Network’s objective is simple: To facilitate co-operation and new business development between top-end companies under the umbrella of ‘Affinity Marketing’. Through The Luxury Network unique partnerships are created via strategic alignment, joint collaborations, product placement, media share, B2B and B2C networking events and brand partnering.

Affinity is one of the most successful forms of new business development and enables companies to interact with the right people in a structured professional environment, dramatically increasing brand awareness and the potential for gaining new pre qualified private clients. For most luxury brands creating Affinity Marketing activities from scratch is a very daunting task and typically requires considerable financial investment, time, director level contacts and a comprehensive activity plan. Plug into The Luxury Network and the hard work has already been done for you! 

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