ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase is proud to is announce that Yogofi – Global Mobile WiFi Hotspots – www.yogofi.com is on board with us, as the Official Travel Companion Partner for 2019/20.

The innovative “Yogofi” pocket Wi-Fi device provides international data connectivity to customers at a competitive price point in over 100 countries using a unique virtual SIM solutions.

While giving brands insights to unique business and social users travel behaviors by building user movement patterns, heat maps and identifying unique points of interests.

This helps provide airlines, hotels, on-line/traditional, travel agencies, attractions with unique perspectives to travelers that embrace the possibility of learning more about their customers and allowing them and their partners to build unique experiences around their targeted customers.

Yogofi is also able to provide location-based targeting of customers providing the ability to push in destination/locations with tailored suggestions and up-selling possibilities.


🌐 https://www.yogofi.com

IG https://www.instagram.com/followjanetravels

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